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Join us for our annual Big Fall Hunt!

Send check along with your name, address and phone number with full payment, Check or Money Order made payable to: Ohio Detectorists Association / Attention: Bill Baecker 

712 S. Liberty Keuter Road Lebanon, OH 45036


Or send payment using PayPal:

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Hunt Rules

Hunt Participants Responsibility.

During the hunt, each detectorist in the hunt should act responsible towards other detectorist by not taking another’s targets or infringe on another detectorist hunt space or by overlaying their coil upon another's coil. The hunt is competitive but should be practiced in a socially acceptable manner by all participants. 

Treat everyone during a competition event like you would want to be treated- fairly and with respect. 

Remember that each participant will have a different skill level: some will be faster and others slower, but all of the participants paid an admission fee to enter the hunt and deserve the same opportunity to find targets and have respect.

Hunt Field Rules:

  • Hunt Master is totally in charge of each hunt.

  • The hunt field should be divided in quadrants before the hunt. If hunt participants help in planting the hunt field the participant should be assigned a quadrant for target planting and he or she should not be allowed to hunt in their previously assigned hunt field quadrant.

  • Registered hunters must sign a waiver form before participating in the outing and or hunt.

  • Registered hunters must wear hunt registration badge or number while on the hunt field.

  • The Hunt Field Gate Keeper will check all registered participant badges before allowing individuals to enter the hunt field perimeter. Only registered hunters are permitted entrance to the hunt field.

  • No Walking across the Hunt Field while getting to your hunt field line-up position.

  • Always have detector coils facing up when approaching a flagged hunt area and remain in that position to show readiness (and also to not spot some target while people are assuming positions), until start whistle (or the like) is sounded.

  • All Trash recovered during the hunt must be put in a target recovery pouch and be removed from the hunt field.

  • All holes dug to recover targets must be filled once the target has been removed.

  • Failure to follow hunt rules will result in the forfeiture of all hunts, prizes and the offender will be requested to leave immediately.

Hunt Prizes:

  • Coin Targets and Token Prizes will be regulated according to number of hunt entries.

  • Coin and Tokens targets should be no greater than two inches deep in the soil.


  • Coin and Token Targets will be planted or tossed in the ground cover.

  • If Prize Tokens are not found during a hunt, they will be left in the ground for future hunts.

Metal Detector Rules:

  • Entrants must provide their own metal detector and target recovery tools including electronic pin-pointers.

  • All hunt participates must wear headphones.

  • No Search Coil larger than twelve inches are allowed. Note: No oversized Coils off any kind will be allowed on the Hunt Field.

Recovery Tools:

  • Small Recovery Hand Trowels allowed. (Lesche type diggers) 

  • No target recovery plugging tools allowed. No Scratching Tools  No Large or Full Size Shovels Allowed. 

All hunt participates must wear target recovery pouch for trash removal

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