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Metal Detecting Tips


Good Places to Metal Detect


Metal detecting can be a fun and exciting hobby, but the success of your metal detecting trips largely depends on where you go. Here are some of the best places to go metal detecting:


  • Local metal detecting club: Metal detecting clubs often have access to private properties, parks, beaches, and other areas that are not available to the general public. As a member, you may be able to join organized hunts and events at these locations.

  • Public parks and beaches: Many public parks and beaches allow metal detecting, and these locations can yield some interesting finds. Look for areas where people frequently gather, such as picnic spots or playgrounds, as these areas are more likely to have lost items like coins, jewelry, and keys.

  • Historical sites and old buildings: Historical sites and old buildings can be great places to go metal detecting, as they often contain relics and artifacts from the past. Just make sure you have permission from the owner before you start digging.

  • Campgrounds and hiking trails: People tend to lose things while camping or hiking, so these areas can be fruitful for metal detecting. Look for high-traffic areas such as near picnic tables, fire pits, or trailheads.

  • Sports fields and playgrounds: Sports fields and playgrounds are other areas where people tend to lose things like jewelry and coins. Look for areas around bleachers, dugouts, and benches where people might have been sitting.

  • Private property (with permission): If you know someone who owns a large property, such as a farm or ranch, ask them if you can metal detect on their land. You may be able to find some interesting and valuable items that have been buried for years. Remember to always obtain permission from the property owner before metal detecting, and be sure to follow any local laws and regulations regarding the hobby.

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