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Lost Item Assistance

Southwest Ohio Community


Many of our members will be glad to help you locate a lost item.  


Many of our members have 20 + years experience and the latest equipment to make an educated hunt for lost items.


If you have a need for help please let us know, we have members who live in the Dayton, Springfield, Cincinnati and surrounding area.


Send us an email with your request by clicking the  "Click Here Button" on this page.

How much does your club charge? Nothing!


Personal Lost Items:

Lost jewelry, keys or something similar? We have no interest in making a profit off of your loss! 


1. If you have the ability to connect us with historic property for metal detecting later on we will come and search for your lost item at no charge.  The larger and more historic the property, the further we will go to help!


2. If you don’t have any tips for historic permissions, we may still be able to get ODA volunteers to help you find your item. If we find the item for you we gladly accept a donation to our Ohio Detectorists Association although not required for our help. Again, were not trying to make a profit.


How far will you go to help?  

The larger and more historic the property you can connect us with, the further we go to help! If you cannot provide any access to a historic property, We must limit our range to the Dayton Cincinnati area, we have ODA members who live within these areas.


Do you sell or rent metal detectors?

We do not rent, lend out or sell metal detectors. Our members have invested thousands of dollars in their equipment and years of learning how to use that equipment. Most of our equipment is the advance machines so most people would need a week or more just to be able to interpret what the machines are saying. :)

Send us an email with your request by clicking the  "Click Here Button" on this page.

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