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Metal Detecting For Kids

The Ohio Detectorists Association has many families that join and participate in club events and activities. As a club we try to take into account when planning events that kids may want to participate. Our finds of the month contests include a kids category so they can show their finds as well. (Top metal detectors for kids)


Metal detecting can be a fun and educational activity for kids, but it's important to keep safety in mind and follow some guidelines to make sure the experience is positive and rewarding. (Top metal detectors for teenagers)


Here are some expert tips on kids metal detecting:

  • Safety first: Make sure your child is wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, and use sunscreen if necessary. Always supervise your child while metal detecting, and teach them to be aware of their surroundings and any potential hazards.

  • Choose the right equipment: Look for a metal detector that is lightweight and easy to handle, with adjustable settings that are appropriate for your child's age and experience level. Consider getting a pinpointer to help locate small items, and make sure to have gloves and a digging tool on hand.

  • Find a suitable location: Check local laws and regulations to make sure metal detecting is allowed in the area you plan to search. Avoid private property without permission, and choose a location that is safe and suitable for children, such as a park or beach.

  • Educate your child: Teach your child about the history and significance of the items they may find, and encourage them to document and share their discoveries. Emphasize the importance of respecting the environment and leaving no trace.

  • Make it fun: Metal detecting can be a great way to bond with your child and encourage their curiosity and sense of adventure. Consider setting goals or challenges, such as finding a certain number of items or identifying specific types of objects.


By following these tips and emphasizing safety and education, metal detecting can be a fun and rewarding activity for kids that promotes outdoor exploration and discovery.


Begin your family adventure by joining the Ohio Detectorists Association today!

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